The Friends of Canons Park is a community group set up 10 years ago to support Harrow Council in their bid for a lottery grant for the restoration of historic Canons Park. The restoration is complete, more people are using the park and it has been awarded a Green Flag in each of the several recent years.

This site, hosted by, explains in more detail what we do, gives details of our regular events, current projects within the park, and tells you how to join the Friends. Just click on the links arranged horizontally across the top and bottom of this page. Click here for a short video of Canons Park. N.B. We have a new website for Canons Park, available now, feel free to use it in addition to this one - the link is

Please note Friends of Canons Park AGM is to be held on 7th May at the Arnold House Activity Centre, Donnefield Ave.

Recent developments include the Woodland Walk which was officially opened on 14th April 2012, and a commemorative tree officially dedicated at the time of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. As we move towards warmer weather, look out for our café on fine weekends and on other days once we reach summer. Anyone interested in helping keep the park looking good please go to the events page and look for Garden Volunteers.

He lived from 1673 to 1744, and had his title bestowed in 1719. He acquired the house and grounds through marriage and proceeded to create a magnificent ducal palace and hired some of the best builders, landscape gardeners and other craftsmen. The grounds were particularly fine, and contained fountains, canals, pools, lakes, avenues, formal gardens and a kitchen garden. Today we can see the avenue that led from the palace to the church (St Lawrence's) in the form of a raised causeway along which the Duke and his family would proceed to church every Sunday. The basin on what is now Canons Drive was one of the Duke's pools. The Brydges family mausoleum can be seen adjoining the church (open to visitors on Sunday afternoons). St. Lawrence is also notable for the fact that famous composer George Friedrich Handel was hired by the Duke to take charge of the music at the church from 1717 to 1720, and the original keyboard from Handel's time can be viewed in the church, where you can also see the Brydges family balcony and some fine interior decoration.

James Brydges lost some of his vast fortune in the South Sea Bubble, and the second Duke was unable to maintain the house and had to abandon Canons. The house fell into ruin, and was rebuilt on a smaller scale in about 1754 by William Hallett, a prominent cabinet maker of the time. Much of this building still exists as part of the North London Collegiate School which now occupies the site.

That part of the grounds remaining undeveloped was acquired by Harrow Council in 1936 for the present public park, and the George V Memorial Garden was created at this time. Aaron Graham, following some research into the Chandos papers in the USA, has written an interesting article about the Duke of Chandos, and his financial dealings, a short summary of which is shown below. Also, have a look at the A-Z page for some interesting facts about Canons Park and the area around.

Things to do in Canons Park

Everyone should work on their body and health, but all of us know how boring and lame it sometimes can get, especially if we do it mostly indoors. The only thing sad about that is that all over the world we can find incredible places like made for activities and having fun.

The Canons Park is one of those places, located just next to the very heart of London, it is just a few steps away from many notable and renowned hotels in the city. The historic location was restored and improved in many ways in 2003 after winning the Heritage Lottery Grant. More about that and the history of the park you can find easily on this site, but first let us talk about things one can do there and what Canons is good for.

Making it one of the most beautiful parks that can be found in London is the huge green surface of and the incredible architecture of the few old buildings set around it. One can easily get the feeling it is a huge garden in front of someone's huge private property somewhere in the countryside, but it is not. Canons Park is open to everyone and available for a wide range of activities. Many decide to go on a run under the huge and old trees, while others like to do that rather on the paths or grass. Many decide to lay down, take in the sunshine and go online, study, read, listen to music, enjoy Facebook or even take part of a room.

You can take a blanket with you, lay down on the ground, connect to the internet and search for some wonderful escorts on such sites. That way you will get to enjoy the fresh air and nature, and in the same time to chat and talk to those stunning escorts. is something for every occasion, and combined with the Canons Park it gets only better.

Let's get back to sport, approximately every person here is looking for a place to do the daily yoga session or to meditate, because this is a quiet place. Once you get there you will see how it can be calming but in the same time full of people doing some kind of activities. In the afternoon the park gets a little bit more full and noisy, but the sight of the happy owners and their dogs makes it up. And it makes the possibility for you to bring your dog and enjoy the day playing frisbee. You can even bring a escort you met with you there and enjoy your time together. The big, flat areas in this location are excellent for picnics with your family, friends or again with the escort. That way you can impress everyone, just by picking this amazing location and setting everything up, which is not a big deal nor hard to do. So make sure to be creative and use the Canons Park as you want, it will offer you the best nature experience in London for sure.

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