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This page has the latest on developments in and around Canons Park. The big project of the past few years has been the Park Restoration which is now complete, and now the Friends are moving on to new projects to keep up the momentum of improvements. Below are explanations of what has changed, and what is happening now and what will change in the future. The headlines are - A New Slide for toddlers now in the Children's Playground; the Woodland Walk now open (look out for the signage boards at each end); the award of a Green Flag to Canons Park indicating on-going improvements; the ongoing Spinney Project, the café open in the Summer all week and on fine weekend days during the Spring and Autumn. The parking facilities at the end of Canons Drive have been improved. Finally, two benches in the Walled Garden have recently been dedicated to the memory of long-time Edgware residents on behalf of their relatives. More information can be found here.

The Park Restoration Project was completed a few years ago now. See the separate page on Park Restoration to find out what was done to improve the amenities and general attractiveness of the park. Nearly everyone agrees that more people now use the park than before thanks to the changes. Police Safer Neighbourhood teams have their base in the Lodge (the house just inside the park by the Donnefield Avenue entrance). Following all these improvements, the park has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award on at least two occasions. This is awarded by the Civic Trust on behalf of the government, and indicates that Canons Park has achieved national standards for parks and green spaces. The flag can be seen by the Whitchurch Lane entrance (see below).

The Friends are now moving on to further projects which will continue the efforts to upgrade aspects of the Park.

Harrow Borough implemented a new parking scheme at the end of Canons Drive aimed at safer and easier access to the park, particularly for disabled and elderly people. There is a new path alongside the road and new disabled parking bays, special passing places and speed limit signs. Hopefully this will make visiting the park from this entrance (which is also one of two entrances to the North London Collegiate School) a better and more convenient experience, especially during school drop-off and pick-up times. On a less optimistic note, parking is now severely limited in Donnefield Avenue except on Sundays. A word of warning - do not assume that you can park in this road even with the lack of a yellow line on one side! We hope that Harrow Council will find a way to help park visitors, especially on Saturdays.

The latest project to come to fruition is the Woodland Walk, which has been undertaken as part of the Harrow Green Grid Programme. The aim of this programme is to improve the Borough's open spaces for people and wildlife - and the connections between them. With a mix of tree, shrub and flower planting, footpath upgrades and informative signs, it is hoped that the scheme will encourage healthy living by making it easier to get around Harrow on foot or by bike whilst making the environment more attractive to people and for wildlife. The walk can be found by following the main path through the park from either Donnefield Avenue at one end and or Howberry Road at the other and looking out for the sign boards.

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